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Animal Quote Ceramic Plaques

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Animal Quote Ceramic Plaques

Choose from a variety of animal shaped ceramic plaques, each with cute quotes in black text. Each plaque is hung with twine. Options include:

BIRD: 'bless this house with love, friends and laughter'

SAUSAGE DOG: 'a home without a dog is just a home'

CAT: 'all guests must be approved by the cat'

GIRAFFE: 'head in the clouds, feet firmly on the ground'

ELEPHANT: 'i will never forget a friend like you'

SAUSAGE DOG: 'a spoilt dog lives here'

RABBIT: 'welcome to the world little one'

DUCK: 'my worries are few because my blessings are many'

BEAR: 'i love you mumma bear'

Each hanging plaque measures approx. H:8cm W:8cm D:0.5cm