IS THERE JUST ONE CHARMS AND CHAINS STORE? At the minute there is just the one shop based in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent. We're open 7 days a week. Find out where we're based and our opening times, by clicking here

I'VE SEEN AN ITEM ON YOUR INSTAGRAM/FACEBOOK PAGE BUT CAN'T FIND IT ON YOUR WEBSITE? Okie doke, just pop me a message over on Facebook/Instagram or email me: roxanne@charmsandchains.co.uk and I can let you know where to buy it. 

ARE ALL THE ITEMS IN STORE AVAILABLE ON YOUR WEBSITE? I try to keep the website up to date weekly. If an item is out of stock, I will email you to let you know. I try to make sure all items in store are available online too.

I WOULD LIKE PERSONALISED BRACELET/NECKLACE SETS MADE - HOW DO I ORDER? Feel free to email me roxanne@charmsandchains.co.uk or message me on Social Media to place your order or discuss ideas. I tend to reply within a few minutes.

CAN YOU RESERVE ITEMS? That's no problem! Just let me know what you would like to save and I can reserve this for 5 days for you.

I BOUGHT AN ITEM IN STORE & DON'T LIKE IT, CAN I RETURN IT? If you bought the item in store, our returns policy is exchange or credit note only. (unless the item is faulty). You can check out our returns policy here

I HAVEN'T RECEIVED MY ORDER, WHAT DO I DO? Please let me know as soon as possible if you think your order should have arrived by now.

ARE THE CLOTHES IN STORE NEW OR SECOND HAND? I get a few people asking me this question in store, all the clothes are brand new and available in a size selection.

WHAT SIZES DO YOU STOCK? Depending on my supplier, they supply the clothes in packs, which range from size 6 and some go up to a 14 or 16. I don't purposely select these sizes, they're the only sizes available to me.

DO YOU DO GIFT RECEIPTS? In store we can do you a gift receipt no problem! Just ask at the till and we can sort this out for you :)

I AM A LOCAL ARTIST/MAKER, CAN I STOCK MY WORK IN YOUR SHOP? Email me: roxanne@charmsandchains.co.uk with pictures of your work, your price range and details about yourself and work to discuss further.

I'VE ORDERED AN ITEM OF CLOTHING & IT DOESN'T FIT - CAN I RETURN IT? Course you can, If you have ordered the item online that is fine - return within 14 days of the date you bought the item and a full refund or exchange can be given.

You can also pop the item in to the shop, but you won't get the refund in store, it will be processed through Paypal. If the 14 days have passed, it is an exchange only.

I AM UNHAPPY WITH MY PURCHASES OR EXPERIENCE IN STORE? I would hate to hear if someone was unhappy with their experience of Charms and Chains! Please do get in touch to discuss your thoughts further.